Product Summary

AccuWrap™ Shrink Tunnel System
All Shrink Applications

Model: FG-5000


The FG-5000 modular shrink tunnel system provides complete control of the production of an esthetically pleasing shrink package, and is full integrated both electrically and mechanically with the entire line of GGA Packaging AccuWrap™ shrink film wrappers. Product travels through the tunnel on a variable speed, mesh-style conveyor belt of a material to meet your particular application specifications. Variable direction airflow allows uni-directional air flow adjustments to provide the precision heat delivery needed to form the most esthetically-pleasing package. This plus an air velocity control, allows the FG-5000 to provide unprecedented package appearance, even for irregularly-shaped products.

The adjustable air flow through the tunnel provides complete control over the proper amount of air movement through the tunnel. A set of precision baffles controls how the air moves over the package to give a tight, high-quality wrap, without over-shrinking and burnouts.


This precise control over the final wrap, in addition to the full electrical and mechanical integration with the GGA Packaging AccuWrap shrink wrappers, provides any packaging operation with cost-efficient, high throughput.

The FG-5000 Shrink Tunnel System features heavy-duty stainless-steel construction, insulated walls for low energy consumption, a low profile, and a small footprint.p>

Building-Block Modularity™

The FG-5000 Shrink Tunnel is designed and build utilizing GGA Packaging's Building-Block Modularity, which is the basic modular design philosophy of our packaging systems. It provides you with a machine that has value, both now and in the future.

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Exclusive Features

  • • Variable direction airflow
  • • Adjustable airflow within the
  • •  Slide open hood for easy cleaning
       tunnel and maintenance
  • • Variable air velocity control
  • • Temperature and belt speed
  • • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • • Modular conveyor
  • • Building-Block Modularity™

Additional Features

  • • 8” high and 20" wide tunnel
  • • Energy efficient
  • • Insulated heat tunnel
  • • Low profile and small footprint
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  • • Number of chambers
  • • 230 VAC operation
  • • Belt material - stainless-steel mesh,
       Teflon®, or other
  • •  Product viewing window
  • •  AccuWrap™ integrated or

Technical Data

  • • Electrical: 480 VAC, three-phase,
       50/60 Hz (isolation transformer
  • • Current: Approximately 40 Amps
  • • Speed: from 15 to 150 linear feet
       per minute
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