About GGA Packaging

The GGA Packaging Division of George Gordon Associates has been providing packaging solutions and equipment since 1963. We continue to offer custom-tailored packaging system solutions over a wide range of applications. Our products fall into four primary categories:

  • • wrappers,
  • • wrapper in-feeds with positioning,
  • • pouch filling and handling, and
  • • converting equipment

Our design and expertise enables us to address virtually any packaging challenge you may face. Our extensive experience in a wide range of equipment and solution design have been applied to a variety of applications, including:

  • • multi-item and food service kits
  • • wash/wipe down for food packaging
  • • pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals
  • • personal care products
  • • confectionery packaging
  • • free-flowing dry product make and place
  • • non-free-flowing powder products
  • • dessicant placing

Our wrapper products provide high speed and high efficiency for overwrap packaging applications. All accommodate wide ranges in product variations, due to the implementation of GGA's Building-Block Modularity™ modular construction, which allows rapid, frequent changeover. All feature:

  • • Allen-Bradley® servo-control electronics
  • • increased production throughput from
       complete line supervision
  • • fast Ethernet-based Internet through
  • • remote maintenance, e-mail and monitoring
  • • plant networking and remote diagnostic
  • • on-screen preventive maintenance flag and
       maintenance scheduling window
  • • low ownership cost/fast payback
Models of our wrappers accommodate hard or shrink film.

GGA Packaging Wrapper In-Feeds with Positioning feature our proprietary RightMove™ product synchronization technology. This technology allows GGA Packaging In-Feed solutions to reposition randomly spaced products and delivers them into the flight spacing of the wrapper conveyor, at high speed and with friction-free, no scuff handling, effectively positioning the product, providing maximum throughput and line efficiency.

GGA Packaging Pouch Filling/Handling products address diverse applications such as inserting a spice or cheese pouch into a pasta box or placing a premium into a cereal box. The process begins with various pouch making machines and a GGA Packaging Fan Folding System. The FFS models fold a condiment pouch uncut web into a portable tote in an overlapping manner lengthwise and width wise to guarantee uniform layers. The layered product may then be effectively stored or transported to a GGA dispenser where it can be easily retrieved from the tote and placed into a secondary packaging operation, saving production cost and increasing efficiency.

All GGA Packaging systems feature simplified designs with fewer moving parts, reduced catch points for non-stop operation, fast, easy changeover, and versatility to match your application. Our approach to system design provides you with the advantages of higher efficiency, up to 30% less maintenance, and less downtime. With operating speeds up to 240 cycles/minute, payback time is decreased, while profits substantially increase.

We work hard to build a long-term relationship with our customers. Our high standards of equipment design and customer service help you achieve your goals of increased efficiency and higher profits. Our reliable service, operator training, and overnight spare part delivery protect your investment and keep your production up and running.

Please feel free to review the product information we’ve provided and to request more detailed information on either our standard products, or how we might provide an integrated packaging solution.

GGA Packaging is proud to be a member of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute.

Building Block Modularity™

Building-Block Modularity is the modular design philosophy of our packaging systems. It provides you with a machine that has value, both now and in the future.

By designing and building our wrappers and integrated packaging solutions using a modular approach, both short- and long-term value are assured, allowing for SKU versatility and future business change without buying new equipment. A packaging machine you purchase from GGA Packaging now will accommodate changes to fit other applications in the future. The value to you is modular redundancy for high productivity, reduced maintenance time with modular accessibility, and increased run time, increased shipments, and higher profits.

GGA Packaging modular equipment design and construction provides a number of areas where rapid change is supported, including:

  • • In-feed Conveyor for rapid chageover to fit
       various SKU's
    • - Single belt narrow
    • - Dual belt wide
    • - Flat belt versions
    • - Lug style
    • - Your custom design

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Building-Block Modularity™ areas of support (continued):

  • • Forming Box for no tools changeover
    • - Modular
    • - Various sizes
    • - Fixed former
    • - Adjustable former
    • - Overhead feed
    • - Inverted feed
    • - Box or wing style

  • • Modular 36” unwind for various SKU's
    • - Overhead Surface unwind
    • - Inverted Surface unwind
    • - Standard powered nip roll

  • • Modular shrink film linear seal for different
       package styles
    • - Overhead or inverted film feed
    • - Static lap seal
    • - Heated lap seal
    • - Static/heated lap seal combo
    • - Shrink film fin seal
    • - Vacuum belt
    • - Band fin seal

    • • Standard hard film flow wrap for:
    • - Overhead or inverted film feed
    • - 1, 2 or 3 servo fin modules
    • - Various fin patterns
    • - Band fin seal

  • • Modular crimp seal assembly for:
    • - Standard rotary knife end seal
    • - Hot knife rotary for shrink film
    • - Long dwell transversal system
    • - Various crimp and knife patterns

  • • No Tools Changeover - Increases run time
    • - No tools conveyor pitch changeover
    • - No tools rail spacing change
    • - No tools conveyor belt release
    • - No tools modular forming box

  • • No-Particle-Trapping
    • - Fast, easy accessable cleaning
    • - Open concept design
    • - Rugged, open frame allows food particles to fall through
    • - Total wash down for all conveying
    • - Wet wipe down of sealing sections
    • - No tools release levers for cleaning

  • RightMove™ Conveyor Synchronization Technology

    The GGA Packaging RightMove™ synchronized positioning conveyor repositions randomly spaced products and delivers them into the flight spacing of the wrapper conveyor, at high speed and with friction-free, no scuff handling, effectively positioning the product.

    Proper product positioning is critical to a smooth packaging operation for peak efficiency and speed. Because the RightMove technology is both mechanically and electrically integrated by design into the AccuWrap™ wrapper system, product shipments go up, waste goes away, and profits soar.

    The modular multi-section RightMove accommodates various requirements of weight and size to perfect the system for any given application. A simple three-belt system adequately moves a row of randomly spaced chocolate bars into position to match the flight of the wrapper flight. A multi-belt system moves pizzas with toppings into position with smooth incremental ease that does not spill. Each belt system precisely controls speed to perform the designated task. Features of the RightMove include:

    • • Repositions randomly-spaced product
         for fast, efficient, waste-free
    • • Modular multi-section belt system
         accommodates various weight and
         size requirements, from chocolate
         bars to pizzas with toppings
    • • First belt section accommodates
         product overfeed and provides
         hold back for subsequent sections
    • • One to three Gap Adjustment belts
         provide precise, gentle product
         control without product slide
    • • Fine Finish belt fine-tunes position
         for acceptance in flight of the wrapper
    • • Mechanically and electronically
         integrated into AccuWrap™ wrapping
    • • Stainless steel, modular construction
         for wash and wipe cleaning and plug-
         in versatility
    • • Open construction for limited food
         particle trapping

    Our Privacy Policy

    GGA Packaging's policy on privacy is simple: we do not share your contact information with anyone. We only use it to contact you to discuss your packaging challenge and develop a solution. And, we don't store your information anywhere that could be compromised.