Product Summary

Friction Card Feeding System
Infeed Applications

Model: FF-2000


The GGA Packaging FF-2000 Friction Card Feeding System is designed to insert card-type items into each flight of a packaging line. The FF-2000 accepts a variety of shaped and sized cards hand-loaded into its magazine, and inserts them with continuous or intermittent motion. The FF-2000 will deliver cards into the lug conveyor of a flow wrapper, a flight tray of a cartoner, a container on a conveyor, or any other packaging process.

Card placed into each flight by the FF-2000 maintain the same orientation as loaded into the magazine. The FF-2000 can be electrically and mechanically integrated into any GGA Packaging AccuWrap™ flow wrapping system, allowing timing functions to be stored in a GGA wrapper "recipe".


The FF-2000 employs servo-driven feed rolls which grip the card product at the boottom of the magazine for positve high-speed separation from the stack and precision delivery. The self-contained system complete with servo-controller and touch screen gives accurate, efficient production operation. It provides card dispensing into any conveyor, tray, or container with exact synchronization to match the speed of continuously moving flights.

Designed and built in a modular manner, the FF-2000 accommodates a variety of application-speicific configurations, mounting options, accessible maintenance, and modular redundancy.

Building-Block Modularity™

The FF-2000 Friction Card Feeding System is designed and build utilizing GGA Packaging's Building-Block Modularity, which is the basic modular design philosophy of our packaging systems. It provides you with a machine that has value, both now and in the future.

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Exclusive Features

  • • Modular construction
  • • No-tools size changeover
  • • Low profile and small footprint
  • • Widths up to 12 inches

Suitable for Applcations Including:

  • • Pizza microwave card placing
  • • Carrier card placing
  • • Display card placing
  • • Card count and stack
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  • • Card widths up to 12 inches
  • • 230 VAC
  • • 350 or 750 per minute
       high-speed throughput
  • • Stainless-steel construction

Technical Data

  • • Electrical: 115 VAC, single-phase,
       50/60 Hz
  • • Current: Approximately 15 Amps
  • • Speed: variable, from 25 to
       750 cycles per minute
  • • Basic footprint: x’ x x’