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Cross Conveyor
Infeed Applications

Model: Cross Conveyor


The Cross Conveyor is a bucket-style conveyor used to deposit either hand- or machine-picked items into the flow wrapper conveyor in time with the flight. The basic conveyor is five feet long, with servo-drive to feed the Wrapper Conveyor, and may be extended in length in five foot increments.

The cross conveyor typically accommodates the loading of medium-weight cutlery up to 7-3/4" in length. The conveyor may be left- or right-handed, and may be used for both hand-loading or high-accuracy automated placing of product.A transfer mechanism on the cross conveyor deposits the product into the flow wrapper conveyor.


The conveyor is engineered for high efficiency and high production rates without excessive operator fatigue. Each conveyor has five feet of load space allowing room for one or two loaders. The cutlery or other product is loaded in a side-by-side manner in the two inch wide trays of the cross conveyor instead of having to be placed end-to-end directly into a flow wrapper flight that is moving about three times the linear speed with the same number of pieces per minute.

With the side by side approach of the cross conveyor, the cutlery flight target in terms of inches passing per second is greatly reduced to deliver the same amount of cutlery. This allows higher speed hand loading, more accurate placement into the wrapper conveyor for greatly improved efficiency.The cross conveyor is supplied with casters and a stabilizing base.

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