Product Summary

RightMove™ Synchronized Positioning Technology
In-Feed Applications

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The GGA Packaging RightMove™ synchronized positioning technology is implemented in a conveyer system that repositions randomly-spaced products and delivers them perfectly synchronized into the flight spacing of the wrapper conveyor, at high speed and with friction free, no scuff handling. The modular multi-section RightMove accommodates various product weights and sizes to exactly meet the requirements of any given application. The RightMove conveyor is both mechanically and electrically integrated with all GGA Packaging AccuWrap™ hard and shrink film wrappers. By effectively orienting the product at wrapper throughput speeds, a smooth packaging operation for peak efficiency and speed is assured; product shipments to go up, waste is eliminated, and profits increase.

The RightMove conveyor system is available in a variety of configurations and can be customized to virtually any food or non-food packaging application. A simple three-belt system adequately moves a row of randomly spaced chocolate bars into position to match the flight of the wrapper flight. A five-belt system moves pizza with toppings into position with smooth incremental ease that does not spill.


Each belt system precisely controls speed to perform the designated task assigned.

The first RightMove belt section provides stream control of the product feeding into the system, acting as an accumulator for constant feed into the other positioning belts. This first section will absorb some level of overfeed, hold back product, and release it in time for the positioning process by the next belt section.

Next, from one to three gap adjustment belts then provide precise, gentle control of the product, without product slide. Product handling by progressive step adjustment of the gap sections is necessary for movement of the product; limiting the amount of correction in each stage keeps the speed within the acceptable range to control the product.

The fine finish belt receives the product and makes just the right move to maintain and deliver the product in perfect time to the flight of the wrapper. Coupled with the GGA Packaging AccuWrap™ wrapping system, you will realize a high efficiecy, cost-effective packaging line.

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Exclusive Features

  • •  Repositions randomly-spaced product
        for fast, efficient, waste-free
  • •  Modular multi-section belt
        system accommodates various weight
        and size requirements, from chocolate
        bars to pizzas with toppings
  • •  Mechanically and electronically integrated
        into AccuWrap™ wrapping systems
  • •  Stainless steel, modular construction
        for wash and wipe down cleaning
        and plug-in versatility
  • •  Open construction for limited
        food particle trapping
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  • • Customized for specific applications
  • • Additional 5-foot segments as needed

RightMove™ Plus

The RightMove Plus option expands the base-level RightMove functionality by adding a conveyor section before the RightMove to stage the products together into a continuous string.

RightMove™ II

The RightMove II differs from the RightMove Plus in that the infeed moves the product into the pop-up lugs by controlling the speed of the RightMove conveyor that times them with the wrapper infeed.


   Photo sequence showing product moving through the RightMove™ Synchronized Positioning System.




   from Stream Control (1), through multiple Gap Adjustment sections (2-4), through Fine Finish (5) and into the wrapper flight (6).




   One example application - flipping, collating, and spacing (timing) of boxed product

   Another example application - packaging pizza with toppings

   A RightMove Plus conveyor used in a soap packaging application

   A RightMove II conveyor example