Product Summary

Rotary Placing System
Infeed Applications

Model: RPS-5000


The RPS-5000 is a servo-controlled vacuum pick and place system for the precision placement of labels or other items onto a wrapper flight. Labels or items loaded into a magazine are dispensed into each flight oriented as needed based on how they are loaded into the infeed tray.

The vacuum head picks labels from the magazine, and places them precisely where needed. A typical application might be the placement of a label, print side up, in the middle of each pizza as it moves by the RPS-5000 on its way to the wrapper. The system employs servo motor drives


for the pick and place operation to move the product from the stack, for control and precision timing to synchronize with the wrapper. The system will confirm that the label is deposited into position on the pizza in the wrapper flight.

The pick and place system will be fully integrate with the wrapper servo controller to allow timing functions to be stored within the product recipe. Positioning of the label is with a photo eye sensing the edge of the pizza, and placement is adjustable to position the label as determined by operator settings.

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Exclusive Features

  • • Clear anodized finish
  • • Modular cantilevered, shaft-mounted
       components for flexible versatility
  • • Modular design
  • • Omni-directional mounting capability
  • • Adjustable in-feed for
       product size options

Additional Features

  • • Servo-controlled for precision placement
  • • Reliable product sensing for
       precision placment
  • • Small footprint
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  • • Label configuration
  • • Application-specific configurations
  • • Mounting orientation

Technical Data

  • • Electrical: 120 VAC, single-phase,
       50/60 Hz (isolation
       transformer recommended)
  • • Current: Approximately 10 Amps
  • • Compressed Air: 2 cfm @ 80 PSIG
  • • Speed: from 100 up to 150
       cycles per minute