Product Summary

Dessicant Placing System
Bottling Applications

Model: PPS-1000D


The PPS-1000D Desiccant Placing System cuts and places packets into a bottle on a high-speed bottling line. The self-contained system is complete with a servo-controller and touch screen operator interface, and provides accurate, efficient production operation. The precision and accuracy of packet placement by the PPS-1000D avoids product damage such as cutting out of position, and provides reliable packet dispensing into almost any secondary operation with exact synchronization to match the speed of continuously moving flights

The system module employs a servo-driven in-feed belt which pulls the product from the tote or reel over the in-feed web guide for web support and control. The web string is pulled by the first set of servo-powered belts that accurately present the web to the cutting position with high accuracy. A high-efficiency shear knife cuts each package, delivering it to the servo out-feed belt, and dispensing it into a continously moving receptable with precise positioning. The shear knife is actuated by an air cylinder, and is mounted such that it remains perpendicular to the fixed knife edge, for clean, precision cutting and long-lasting knife service.


A second servo module provides the exacting control of the packet after the cut for precision timing to synchronize placement into the secondary packaging process. This level of precision for higher speeds and continuous motion allows the PPS-1000D to support a broader variety of applications.

The modular design and construction of the PPS-1000D supports a multitude of configurations and mounting options to meet a wide range of application requirements with ease. Light weight, small size, and configuration versatility make the PPS-1000D ideal for a wide range of dispensing applications.

Building-Block Modularity™

The PPS-1000D Dessicant Placing System is designed and build utilizing GGA Packaging's Building-Block Modularity, which is the basic modular design philosophy of our packaging systems. It provides you with a machine that has value, both now and in the future.

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Exclusive Features

  • • Modularity allows application-
       specific configurations
  • • Mounting versatility
  • • Accessible maintenance
  • • Modular redundancy

Additional Features

  • • Single in-feed cutting module
       for remote mounting
  • • Modular electronics for
       remote mounting
  • • Direct bracket mounting on
       other equipment
  • • Fully-configured system on
       mounting base
  • • Stand-alone mobile base
  • • Cantilevered swivel mount allows
       infinite rotation
  • • Speeds upt o 300 CPM
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Typical Applications

  • • Dessicant placing
  • • Oxygen absorber placing
  • • EAS packet placing
  • • Condiment placing
  • • Web nap placing
  • • Cheese pouch placing

Technical Data

  • • Electrical: 120 VAC, singe-phase,
       50/60 Hz
  • • Current: Approximately 15 Amps
  • • Compressed Air: 2 cfm @ 80 PSIG
  • • Speed: up to 300 cycles per minute
  • • Basic footprint: 3’ x 3’
PPS-100)D line drawing Top of Page PPS-1000D modular design

   PPS-1000D modular design

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