Product Summary

Inverted Flow Wrapper
Multi-Item and Food Service Kit Applications

Model: GPS-2000H


The GPS-2000H geometric packaging system provides high-efficiency solutions for multi-item kit packaging. A geometrically-shaped forming plate eliminates the need for a forming box, reducing set-up and overcoming a major catch point problem area. The film is fed from a powered unwind stand, over the forming plate, to make a film tube. The sealed tube is formed around the product, which then carries the product into the crimper section. The system will accommodate a variety of films such as polypropylene, hi/lo polyethylene and some foil laminates from 0.70 mil up to 1.2 mil.

The GPS-2000H conveyor incorporates a special V-shaped bottom on which the product(s) to be wrapped are placed. Soft items such as napkins can be pushed without jamming, and loose condiments or pieces of cutlery are also accommodated with high efficiency. The V-shaped pushers carry product the length of the conveyor, and place them onto the film. All GPS-2000H geometric packaging systems feature a Master Motion Controller that synchronizes and controls the wrapping functions with high precision. Each fin wheel has a servo drive and motor allowing programmable film draw for precision tension and tracking control. The tension on the fill between the two fin wheels is adjustable with a simple setting on the control panel.


Crimper drive and dwell is controlled with a servo amplifier and motor, which synchronizes the fin wheel servo drives and motors for simple package length selection and dependable registered tracking. The crimper head and knife settings are made with built-in adjustments with ease and while hot. Fully integrated, multi-axis servo systems are controlled from a user-friendly touch-screen control panel.

The GPS-2000H provides full networking capability, with a fast Ethernet interface using TCP/IP for plant networking, remote monitoring and maintenance, and total synchronization of machine functions and auxiliary machine operation.

Building-Block Modularity™

The B-2000H AccuWrap™ Wipe Down Wrapper is designed and build utilizing GGA Packaging's Building-Block Modularity, which is the basic modular design philosophy of our packaging systems. It provides you with a machine that has value, both now and in the future.

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Exclusive Features

  • • Speeds approaching 240 cycles
       per minute
  • • Geometric forming; no forming
       box required
  • • Programmable film draw for
       precision tension control
  • • Easy adjustment for crimper
  • • Web break detection
  • • Small footprint

Additional Features

  • • Infeed conveyor with extruded
  • • Geometric forming plate for
       easy web set-up with control
  • • Powered, tension-controlled,
       film unwind system
  • • Adjustable pressure setting
       for fin wheels
  • • Precision head for crimping
       and cutting
  • • Adjustable gap setting
       for crimpers
  • • Ethernet networking
  • • Shim-less head and knife
  • • Heater control auto tuning
  • • Thermocouple fault indicator
  • • Double E-stop, one on panel,
       one remote
  • • Servo controller
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  • • Electrically adjustable cut-off length
  • • Single or double unwind
  • • Choice of conveyor length
  • • Application customizing
  • • Servo controlled 5” to 12”,
       or dedicated 10"cut-off
  • • Single or double unwind
  • • Single or double unwind
  • • Mechanical or electronic
       fin wheels
  • • EP plus regular film
  • • Servo controlled fin wheels
  • • Mechanical conveyor
  • • Wide conveyor
  • • Servo conveyor
  • • With or without line shaft
       on conveyor
  • • Conveyor length
  • • Registration
  • • FDA-Grade materials

Technical Data

  • • Electrical: 230 VAC, three-phase,
       50/60 Hz (isolation transformer
  • • Current: Approximately 40 Amps
  • • Compressed Air: 1 cfm @ 80 PSIG
  • • Production: 60 up to 240 cycles
       per minute
  • • Package Size: 2” to 3” in width
       by 5” to 12” in length
  • • Web Width: Up to 8”
GPS-2000H Line Drawing