Product Summary

AccuWrap™ Hard Film, High-Speed
Wash/Wipe Down Inverted Horizontal Wrapper
Food Applications

Model: FG-2000H


The AccuWrap FG-2000H is a multi-axis, servo-controlled, food-grade wrapper designed for high-speed, high-efficiency, and easy maintenance. The stainless-steel construction is designed to the “no particle trapping” criteria, allowing food particles to fall through, and accommodating wash down for all conveyors and wet wipe down of sealing sections.

The modular construction allows removal of all modules providing the maximum in accessibility, enabling an even more thorough spill clean up or for expedient changeover and versatility for future business requirements. Rails lift up; conveyor belts snap out; conveyors slide out; the former is fast change; and even the fin wheels are modular.


Featuring Allen-Bradley® controls for superior performance, the system provides independently adjustable servo control of linear fin sealing, main cross-sealing, rotary knife, conveyors and unwind, all of which provide the ultimate in control for packaging production. Over 100 recipes for touch screen retrieval make product changeovers as easy as selecting your favorite TV channels. Product position monitoring for Out Of Position/No Cut and No Product/No Bag means more good packages ready to ship.

The modular design, wash down capability, and small footprint make the system ideal for food applications from pizza to food trays, individually wrapped jumbo cookies and many other food applications across the food packaging industries.

Building-Block Modularity™

The FG-2000H AccuWrap™ Wash/Wipe Down Wrapper is designed and build utilizing GGA Packaging's Building-Block Modularity, which is the basic modular design philosophy of our packaging systems. It provides you with a machine that has value, both now and in the future.

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Exclusive Features

  • • Building-Block Modularity™ for easy
       cleaning and plug-in application
  • • Open construction for limited food
       particle trapping
  • • Advanced electronics for production
       compatible operation
  • • Full color touch screen for easy
       operator interface
  • • On-screen and remote diagnostics
       to reduce downtime
  • • Servo-controlled for precision
       product placement
  • • Servo-controlled sealing head for
       high accuracy seal placement
  • • Up to 400 cycles per minute for
       high-speed packaging
  • • Small footprint for space efficiency

Additional Features

  • • Food grade, all stainless-steel
       construction for wash/wipe down
  • • Modular assemblies for expedient
       configuration change and plug-
       in versatility
  • • Product position monitoring for
       Out-of-Position/No Cut and No
       Product/No Bag
  • • Allen-Bradley® controlLogix
  • • Third-level multi-axis servo system
       to optimize functions independently
  • • Machine Net open Ethernet network
       for control, monitoring, and
  • • Full color touch screen for easy
       operator interface
  • • On-screen and remote system
       monitoring with diagnostics to
       reduce down time
  • • Single Powered, Overhead Unwind
       for optimum film feed
  • • Standard film widths from 3 inches
       to 16 inches for application versatility
  • • Modular forming box for easy
  • • Two Fin Wheels with Independent
       Servos for high seal integrity
  • • Inline fin pattern for reliable hard
       film sealing
  • • Modular crimp seal assembly for
       various package configurations
  • • Precision cut and seal with servo-
       controlled crimper for high accuracy
  • • Straight Cut Knife for clean
       cut separation
  • • Powered Seated Surface Unwind for
       the ultimate in web control
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  • • Choice of crimper width from
       6 inches to 16 inches
  • • Four choices of fin seal
  • • Registration for preprinted and
       opaque film materials
  • • UL Approval or CE Mark option
  • • Narrow web version available
  • • Servo-controlled 12” to 32” or
       8” to 16” wide film
  • • 1- or 2-Up crimper
  • • Straight cut or Zigzag cut knife
  • • 1/8" wide straight line crimp pattern
  • • Inline or cross crimp pattern
  • • 1/8" wide straight line fin seal
  • • Inline, cross, or crosshatch
       fin seal pattern
  • • Adjustable 1 belt for narrow
       web for 5'
  • • Adjustable 2 belt for wide
       web for 5'
  • • Saw tooth under fin feed
       chain option
  • • Conveyor section
  • • Flight spacing
  • • Single or double powered unwind
  • • Single or double powered unwind
       overhead (narrow only)

Technical Data

  • • Electrical: 230 VAC, three-phase,
       50/60 Hz
  • • Current: Approximately 40 Amps
  • • Compressed Air: 1 cfm @ 80 PSIG
  • • Speed: up to 400 cycles per minute
       (2,500 linear inches per minute)
  • • Basic footprint: 13’ x 5’
FG-2000H Overhead view of conveyor FG-2000H Electrical Panel FG-2000H Fin Wheels

Overhead view of FG-2000H conveyor, showing open "no particle trapping" design.

FG-2000H Electrical panel

Close-up of FG-2000H fin wheels (in pizza wrapping application)

FG-2000H Out-Feed Overhead view of FG-2000H unwind

FG-2000H Out-feed

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Overhead view of FG-2000H unwind

FG-2000H Line Drawing